bio-based succinic acid/bio-based amber

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Production of biological succinic acid by microbial fermentation technology: the technology comes from professor zhang xueli research group of “institute of industrial microbial technology, Chinese academy of sciences (tianjin)”. This technology adopts the most efficient genetically engineered strain in the world.

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The raw material comes from the renewable starch sugar, the whole closed production process, the product quality index reaches the national standard excellent product quality.The production of succinic acid biocarbon by biological fermentation method reached over 90%.


1, used for the production of sodium glutamate, sodium succinate, food preservation, spices, spices and other food additives main raw materials.
2. Necessary raw materials for the synthesis of biodegradable plastics PBS, PBST and PBSA.As a popular new material, biodegradable plastic PBS has great advantages among similar materials, such as high temperature resistance and high toughness.PBS can be modified to produce PBST and PBSA, which are widely used in injection molding, film blowing, fiber and foaming industries.
3, used for the production of succinimide, nylon 54 and other polymer materials of the main raw materials.
4. Auxiliary materials for producing surfactant products

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