About Us

About Us

Shandong Landian Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong LanDian Biological Technology Co., LTD. is located in the high-tech industrial park in shouguang, shandong province, which is on the south shore of the bohai laizhou Bay and it is "the town of the fishing, salt and vegetables". The company is the only high-tech enterprises who buy out the patent technology of Chinese academy of sciences to produce bio-based succinic acid by biological fermentation and to produce bio-based PBS biodegradable plastic using succinic acid as raw material.


The company covers an area of 1500 mu and the total design scale of the project is 500,000 tons/year of bio-based succinic acid and 200,000 tons/year of bio-based PBS biodegradable plastic, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan and construction in three phases. The first phase invested 1 billion yuan and the construction scale is 120,000 tons/year of bio-based succinic acid and 50,000 tons/year of bio-based PBS products. The first 60,000 tons/year production line of the first phase was completed and put into production in September 2017. The bio-based succinic acid is of excellent quality and widely recognized by users.

The company is strong in research and development technology and its products are listed in the national "863" key project. It is the academician workstation and postdoctoral workstation of the Chinese academy of sciences, and the leading enterprise of Weifang bio-based new material base at the national level. Cooperating with Tsinghua university, Tianjin biotechnology research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, the company has established a microbiology lab, molecular biology laboratory, PBS degradable plastics and their modified products research and development laboratory. It builds China's largest bio-based succinic acid and total bio-based PBS industry base by using world's most advanced biological fermentation technology.

Why Choose Us

01 Product advantages

Bio-based succinic acid and bio-based sodium succinate products, all products made by biological fermentation method, will be a strong competitor to replace petrochemical production processes in the future; bio-based 1,4 butanediol is different from products produced by chemical methods. Bio-based products, using bio-based butanediol can produce bio-based PBAT and other products, which can promote the promotion of bio-based PBAT in European and American markets. Bio-based PBS series products have obvious advantages in mechanical properties and degradation performance, and the production raw material is our company's bio-based succinic acid, so the bio-carbon content is fully in line with the standards of Europe and the United States.

02 Market Advantage

The production of succinic acid by biological fermentation method is not affected by the price of petroleum, the price of raw materials is stable for a long time, and the production cost is lower than that of chemical method. At present, the degradable materials PBS, PBST and PBSA are affected by the high market price of succinic acid in the early stage, leading to high production costs and hindering the promotion and application of the PBS series. As our company's bio-based succinic acid and bio-based 1,4-butanediol are put on the market in large quantities, it is bound to promote the application of bio-based biodegradable materials PBS series and PBAT in domestic and foreign markets.

03 Technical Advantages

Our company's fermentation technology has solved the common phenomenon of miscellaneous acids and by-products in the fermentation process through continuous research and development and improvement of the production process in recent years. The production cost of products has been continuously reduced and the product quality has been continuously improved.

04 Management advantage

The company has a complete, efficient, fast and innovative management team. The company has an absolute advantage in the industry in terms of hardware equipment strength. With high-quality personnel, and the business philosophy of advancing with the times, our company will have a lot of advantages in the industry. The act.

The Enterprise Culture

Corporate Vision

Blue Industry, Lead the world trend

Corporate Slogan

Technology changes the environment

Marketing Philosophy

Market-oriented, Innovated demands

Corporate Mission

Improve homeland, benefit mankind

Production Philosophy

Technology first, lean production

Quality Philosophy

Layer by layer, quality first

Corporate Culture

Build your dream, shoulder your responsibility

Corporate Style

Be firm and resolute

Brand Philosophy


The company adopts new technology of biological strain fermentation which is green, pollution-free and non-toxic from the raw materials, production process to finished products. With the strengthening of national environmental protection, it is imperative to popularize biodegradable plastics fighting against the white pollution. The bio-based succinic acid produced by the company is the only raw material for the production of biodegradable plastic PBS. It is irreplaceable and of board prospect.