The company’s products depend on China Academy of Science Tianjin Industrial Biotechnology Research Institute and Hunan Changling Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Department of chemistry of Tsinghua University patent technology. We adopt the world’s most advanced strain technology and production process. This will lay a foudation for the comany smooth operation. This project is one of the three major biological base cluster industrial clusters in bohai sea creatures base, the leading project of Weifang bio-based material industrials cluster. Relying on the key laboratory of bohai sea creatures base material industrial clusters, the LanDian academician workstation of shandong province, the bio-based materials engineering technology research center of weifang city were set up successively. The further cooperation with Tsinghua University and China Academy of Sciences Tianjin Industrial Biotechnology Research Institute, respectively, to establish microbial fermentation laboratory, molecular biology laboratory, PBS and PBS modified product research and development laboratories. Next step will use the most advanced strains of world to build China’s largest bio-based succinic acid industry base and the biological base PBS industry base. At present, the company’s bio-based succinic acid product research results have reached to the international advanced level. The fermentation acid producing ability of succinic acid develops to 85g/L during 36 hours from 75g/L during 90 hours in the original contract; the conversion rate of glucose is 99.5%; the yield of the product develops from the original 85% to 90%; the production cost is greatly reduced. After mass production, the company will become the first industrialization demonstration production line to produce organic acid by biological method in China. It will realize the scale of production of Poly butylene succinate (PBS) at the same time, to make useful exploration and contribution to bio-based materials instead of petroleum chemical derivatives.

Post time: Nov-15-2020