Chemical formula: C4H6O4 Molecular weight: 118.09

Features: Succinic acid is colorless crystal. The relative density is 1.572(25/4℃),melting point 188℃, decompose at 235℃, in the reduced pressure distillation can be sublimated, soluble in water, lightly soluble in ethanol,ether and acetone.

Applications: Succinic acid has been the FDA as GRAS(generally considered safe), which makes it can be used for multiple purposes. Succinic acid is widely used in medicine, food, pesticides, dyes, spices, paint, plastic and other industries, can also be used as a platform for C4 compounds, synthesis of some important chemical products, such as butyl glycol, tetrahydrofuran, gamma butyrolactone, n-methyl pyrrolidone(NMD), 2-pyrrolidone,etc.. In addition, succinic acid creatures can also be used for synthesis of biodegradable polymers, such as poly(butylene succinate)(PBS) and polyamide.

Advantages: Compared with the traditional chemical method, microogranism fermentation production of succinic acid has many advantages: the production cost is competitive; use of renewable agricultural resources include carbon dioxide as raw material, to avoid the dependence on petrochemical raw materials; decease the pollution of chemical synthesis process on the enviroment.

Post time: Nov-15-2020